A plane designed to meet your needs and surpass your expectations.


With best-of-breed technologies and avionics, the Skylander SK-105 is a quantum leap forward in turboprop functionality.

The product of extensive studies, this flexible turboprop aircraft is the answer to a real need. It is a modern, powerful, crossconfigurable and economical solution to passenger, cargo transport and humanitarian missions.

The product of a three decade legacy of insight and innovation in aeronautics
A heavyweight in a lightweight category, the Skylander SK-105 is positioned to revolutionize the transport of commuters and goods in developing and isolated regions. It is simply the most efficient and flexible solution for commerce, passenger transport and mission mobilization in its category.Capable of operating from hostile environments and short, unprepared runways, the Skylander SK-105 maximizes payload and flight distance between fuelings and features a very competitive acquisition price/payload ratio. Practical and efficient, its meticulously simplified design features high wing, fixed landing gear and an un-pressurized cabin. It comes equipped with Pratt & Whitney PT6-65B engines, an advanced avionics system and glass cockpit (including autopilot, EFIS, TCAS and TAWS), as well as cabin comfort amenities such as an onboard lavatory and galley.



Functional, versatile and cost-effective

The Skylander is a powerful concept - a light aircraft capable of operating from short and unprepared runways, accommodating a host of passenger and cargo configurations, maximizing payload and flight distance between fuelings and featuring a very competitive price/payload ratio. Its design has been meticulously simplified to maximize efficiency, minimize operating and repair related costs, and optimize its flexibility. It features high wings, fixed landing gear, an unpressurized cabin and western certification (CS23/FAR23 commuter). The Skylander is a project integrating the latest know-how in specialized aeronautics manufacturing and product support.

  • Low acquisition and operating costs
  • Large cabin volume (28m³) and large payload (3.3 ton)
  • Operate from short and unprepared airstrip
  • Autonomous with long-range between fuelings
  • Robust, innovative design
  • Unpressurized cabin
  • Fixed landing gear
  • Wide door
  • Glass cockpit